Billionaire Brawl

“If Elon ever gets serious about a real date and official event, he knows how to reach me,” Meta boss writes

Mark Zuckerberg called out Elon Musk for continually avoiding their cage match in a post Sunday on the Meta honcho’s Threads.

While Musk xeeted repeatedly this week about the specifics of the fight — including its Roman venue, streaming information, and who the proceeds will go to — the X boss has not actually settled on an event date, which Zuckerberg wrote Sunday has frustrated him to the point of calling the whole thing off (for now).

“I think we can all agree Elon isn’t serious and it’s time to move on,” Zuckerberg wrote. “I offered a real date. Dana White offered to make this a legit competition for charity. Elon won’t confirm a date, then says he needs surgery, and now asks to do a practice round in my backyard instead.”

In a separate xeet, author Walter Isaacson, who’s penning a biography about Musk, confirmed Zuckerberg’s claim of the backyard brawl via Musk’s own text messages:

In June, tensions between the two tech warriors’ then-Twitter and Threads boiled over to the point where Musk said he’d be “up for a cage fight” against his Meta nemesis. Zuckerberg snapped back, “Send Me Location.” Musk then sealed the fight by responding, “If this is for real, I will do it.”


In the months that followed, the two have debated the logistics of the fight over their own social apps, but never came together on an actual event date. Zuckerberg — who has been practicing Brazilian jiujitsu for a year and was the heavy betting favorite in the hypothetical cage match — did not entirely close the book on a Musk battle, but advised his opponent to take it seriously.

“If Elon ever gets serious about a real date and official event, he knows how to reach me,” Zuck wrote. “Otherwise, time to move on. I’m going to focus on competing with people who take the sport seriously.”