In honor of Rolling Stone‘s Climate Crisis issue, we asked artists to contribute messages about what they, their governments, and everyday people can do to stand up to the threat of climate change. From England to Jamaica to the United States, we are hearing from artists and activists around the world about what we can do locally, globally, and everything in between.

Jah9’s lyrics put forth messages of mindfulness, perseverance, and self-love (like in her recent track with Chronixx). So it’s no surprise that the Jamaican singer, who blends sounds from reggae to soul to Afrobeat, has some thoughts on how to fight climate change.

Jah9 eats a solely plant-based diet, both out of environmental and personal-health concerns. “I eat what comes from the earth, or a byproduct of what comes from the earth. And in doing so I am not contributing to the need for factory farming. … For all the things I’m failing to do, at least nobody’s killing cows on my behalf.”

A proponent of yoga, Jah9 also looks to the intersection of protecting the environment with personal health. “It just so happens that leading a healthier lifestyle is not just good for you as an individual, but it’s also good for the planet,” she says.

Jah9 argues that it is more on individuals, than on government, to find solutions: “I don’t really have a lot of expectations of government, personally. I practice self-governance. However, I do think that where the government can assist is with education. Educating the people about the things that affect the environment, and educating the children in particular.”