The podcast team behind Dr. Death and Dirty John will next take aim at the $10 billion self-help industry with Guru, which tells the tragic story of three “Spiritual Warriors” practicing under James Arthur Ray.

“He’s part of a growing number of entrepreneurs giving workshops and seminars all over the US in the 2000s,” a release reads. “His unorthodox methods and blend of self-improvement philosophies and economic advice have won praise from Oprah and others. His career seems to be taking off, but his ever more extreme methods push his pupils to their limits. What are they seeking? What does he offer? And what happens when it all goes too far, and people die?”

In 2009, Ray’s “Spiritual Warrior” workshop in Sedona, Arizona, resulted in the deaths of three participants, who died after taking part in a “sweat lodge” ritual; the mother of one victim, Kirby Brown, speaks in the Guru trailer.

The self-help guru was later found guilty on charges of negligent homicide and sentenced to two years in prison. According to Wondery, though, he’s back in business.

Hosted by Matt Stroud, the first episode will release on Apple Podcasts on July 1st, but users of the Wondery app can listen to the first episode now.