This lady is making some waves with authentic and relatable music! We’re so thrilled for “F.U.S.”, Gia Rachelle’s latest track that tackles themes everyone is familiar with—anxiety, overthinking, depression, and more—in an “un-depressive” way. The song is much more fun and upbeat than you’d expect, breaking the cliché and allowing the audience to laugh in the face of their problems for once. The song promises to be a fan-favorite with mellow vibes, paced beats, and a tune to never forget. 

Gia Rachelle is a rising pop/r&b artist whose music comes from the heart and has much personality to it. Her debut “Deja Vu” dropped in 2019, gathering lots of streams and catapulting her career into the world. Today, Gia continues to stay true to her passion, and we can’t wait to see what she shares next!

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