Nearly two years after Evangeline Lilly caused an uproar after revealing — at the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak — that she refused to self-quarantine, the Lost actress is once again facing a backlash after attending Robert F. Kennedy’s anti-vaccination march this past weekend in Washington, D.C.

Yup, the same march at which RFK called vaccine mandates “a coup d’etat to democracy” and likened vaccine passports to slavery — with a reference to Hitler and Anne Frank for good measure.

In an Instagram post-Thursday, the Canada-born Lilly revealed that she went to the event to “support bodily sovereignty” as well as in solidarity with the convoy of Canadian truckers driving toward Ottawa in protest of that country’s vaccine mandate.

“I believe nobody should ever be forced to inject their body with anything, against their will, under threat of: violent attack, arrest or detention without trial, loss of employment, homelessness, starvation, loss of education. alienation from loved ones, ex-communication from society, under any threat whatsoever,” the actress wrote in the caption alongside a photo of an RFK Jr. march attendee with a sign that says “Vaxxed Democrat for Medical Freedom.”

“I was pro-choice before COVID and I am still pro-choice today,” Lilly added, tagging her IG post with #bodilyautonomy, #bodilysovereignty, #defeatthemandatesdc, and other anti-mandate hashtags.

Reps for Lilly did not immediately respond to Rolling Stone’s request for comment. Although Lilly’s own vaccination status is unknown, the actress spent the latter half of 2021 filming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania; Disney (which houses the Marvel Cinematic Universe) instituted a vaccine mandate on all productions in October as part of a return-to-work agreement between the studios and the unions, the Hollywood Reporter wrote.

In March 2020, Lilly came under fire for revealing on social media that she refused to partake in the “Corona House Arrest” in the midst of the first wave of Covid-19, which she likened to “a respiratory flu.” The actress, who also insinuated that the pandemic was an election-year ploy, later apologized for her actions.

“When I wrote that post 10 days ago, I thought I was infusing calm into the hysteria. I can see now that I was projecting my own fears into an already fearful and traumatic situation,” Lilly said. However, nearly two years later, Lilly finds herself embroiled in another controversy as her comments on IG have turned into a war of words between the pro-vaccination and anti-mandate factions.