In an era unlike any other, America is about to be treated to a Super Bowl like no other…. and not only because Tom Brady will be on the field sans Patriots jersey. As Brady’s Buccaneers face off against those Kansas City Chiefs during an annual extravaganza improbably held during this worldwide pandemic of ours, we all know that the most enthralling aspect of the Big Game won’t be the actual game itself, but what TV viewers will feast their eyes on in between: the commercials!

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The differences between this and last year are abundant. Heavy on the laughs and escapism (because who needs melancholy considering the times we live in?) and missing some major advertisers (PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, and Avocados from Mexico are all on the bench this year), 2021’s crop of spots aim to serve as a sweet release from our twisted reality.

Ahead of Super Sunday, here are some of the most notable commercials to look out for. Watch ‘em now, so as they air you can smugly say to your Super Bowl party (AKA the members of your household and/or your pets and plants): “Oh yeah, I’ve already read about this on Rolling Stone.