Sotheby’s and Google have teamed up for an online charity auction to raise funds for COVID-19 relief. The event kicks off from May 1st to 8th.

Winning bidders will have the chance to have a virtual coffee date with Hillary Clinton to discuss how the pandemic has changed our view of the world, while continuing to search for ways to create positive change with the former First Lady and Secretary of State.

Another prize is the chance to virtually record a song with Sting from his home in England, where the singer can offer pointers and vocal lessons. Patrick Stewart, a.k.a. Captain Jean-Luc Picard, will also give a Shakespearian acting lesson to one lucky winner.

Other opportunities include a conversation with the Strokes, a chance to talk comedy with Sacha Baron Cohen, a virtual visit to the Downton Abbey castle (Highclere Castle) and more. All funds will be given to the International Rescue Committee for pandemic relief.

“We are proud to contribute to pandemic relief at this extraordinary time,” Sotheby’s CEO Charles F. Stewart said in a statement. “Many of our clients around the world have inquired about supporting COVID-19 relief efforts and, with the partnership of Google and so many leading figures who have pledged to support this unique auction event of virtual experiences, we are looking forward to supporting the efforts of the International Rescue Committee.”