From Inventing Anna to a newly invented career. On Tuesday, Anna Delvey — the convicted fraudster and fake socialite who served as inspiration for Netflix’s Inventing Anna — announced that she’ll be releasing a weekly podcast and a debut single.

Delvey, who’s currently on house arrest, will work with podcast company Audio Up on The Anna Delvey Show, a new project which will feature interviews with the likes of Emily Ratajkowski, Julia Fox, Julia Cumming, Jeremy Harris, and Whitney Cummings.

Given her legal status and house arrest, the project will be recorded from her apartment in New York City’s East Village.

“This will be the first time I have my own platform to share my personal views on the public’s fascination with my life story while in conversation with guests across multiple industries including business, media, entertainment, art and more,” said Delvey in a statement to Deadline. “I’m interested in examining how rule breaking can build you up as well as tear you down while also creating a polarizing reaction from the public.”

Also released on Tuesday was the podcast’s first trailer, which teases discussions on art, politics, tech, and “unfiltered conversations that will question traditional notions of what’s right and wrong.”

“Now you get to meet the real me,” she says in the trailer, before teasing clips from one of her interviews.

The podcast’s first episode will also debut her first single featuring lyrics by Delvey and produced by Audio Up’s CEO Jared Gutstadt, who wrote the theme song for Pawn Stars. It’s unclear whether Delvey will pursue music beyond the single.

The Anna Delvey Show is a truly visceral experience that taps into the public’s fierce fascination with Anna and her public image,” added Audio Up’s Chief Creative Officer Jimmy Jellinek. “Right or wrong, many of us find ourselves rooting for Anna’s future and that’s what this show examines.”


Dubbed “the Soho Grifter” after stealing up to $250,000 from banks and hotels in New York City, Delvey (born Anna Sorokin) was found guilty in April 2019 of eight of the 10 charges against her, including theft of services, second-degree grand larceny, and one count of first-degree attempted larceny. She was later sentenced to four to 12 years in prison, ultimately serving three years. 

Delvey is currently on house arrest but still faces deportation after a U.S. Immigration judge allowed her to leave ICE detention. “Anna now has her opportunity to demonstrate her commitment to growing and giving back and being a positive impact on those she meets,” Delvey’s spokesperson, Juda Engelmayer, said in a statement following the announcement of her house arrest. “She has hurdles before her, and she will navigate them with strength and determination, using her experiences and lessons learned.”