Expressive artist REGALJASON drops a hot single, titled “Already Won,” accompanied by a mesmerizing music video. The song is an emotional expression to the artist’s own struggles and is full of positivity and getting over hardships. 

One of the most profound elements of the song is the lyrics, where REGALJASON courageously opens up with his personal struggles with life, relationships and God. In one of the sections, the musician says “I’ve been up and I’ve been down, so I know when I’m on the ground, I never stay long.” The words represent him being down, however, REGALJASON emphasizes on the importance of getting back up and pursuing things we really want. 

The music video perfectly captures the artist’s essence and what “Already Won” is all about. Directed by REGALJASON himself, he manages to invoke positive energies in both mediums.

Up & coming REGALJASON is truly on his way to stardom if he keeps producing singles and music videos like “Already Won,” which is now available for both purchase and streaming.

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