Before We

Meeting IRL was one of the nicest and most awesome interactions in all the years of Stereofox. Marc is really versatile producer that’s always surprising me. “Before We Met”, his latest single, is the […]


Gone are the days when I found jaw-dropping up-and-coming music. It’s official! My amazing girl is the new smooth vibes scout for Stereofox. The day started with her asking “Can I play you a song?” […]

Papi BeatKicktracks

That’s probably one of the most interesting pieces I’ve heard this week. The eclectic mixture of influences and elements, which somehow work together in a magnificent way, make this track extremely vibrant. Russian producer Kicktracks […]

Brand New Start77th Man

A charming new single by Manchester-based producer 77th Man, “Brand New Start” will certainly uplift you. The track is part of his Positively Charged EP and as you can guess, it’s a reservoir of good […]

Somebody NewLOELASH Palmaria

Funk + Friday is one of my favourite combos! Thanks to LOELASH and Palmaria, that’s exactly what we have on the menu today. Hailing from Italy, but now based in London, classically trained multi-instrumentalist, producer and […]

StagesAdeline KAMAUU

French-Caribbean artist and model Adeline keeps on conquering hearts and headphones, turning your playlist into a ‘Good Vibes Only’, in fact, ‘Best Vibes Only’ territory. Empowering and uplifting, her latest single is drenched in funky grooves. […]

Fernwehflamingo zamperoni

Wanderlust – that’s what the German word ‘fernweh’ stands for. The latest release from Flamingo Zamperoni transmits exactly this slightly melancholic state, which stems from the desire to go away and the feeling of nostalgia […]

New JointAnton Sushev

Another brilliant jazzhop experience by Russian saxophonist, flautist, composer and music producer Anton Sushev. I say ‘experience’ because his music is a lush plethora of not only music textures but also narratives. Apart from energizing […]


Another wonderful track from P.R.’s new album, “Solo” carries the lightheartedness of the moment you were gifted with some time by yourself. It reminds us of the first day of the lockdown, when we found […]


I hope you’re ready for some hearty alternative r&b. The track is packed with lush melodies and grooves, entangled in rhythmic percussion – creating a fully fleshed-out sound experience. “iClout” is part of RIMON’s latest […]

Thinking About YouGoson

This is the second single from Goson’s same-titled EP Thinking About You, hot out of Stereofox’s chill hop oven. The track is generously garnished with beautifully arranged keys, gentle guitar licks and organic water sounds. […]