The futuristic experimentalness of Shlohmo, melted with the underwater-y feel of XXYYXX and sprinkled with a scent of 80s synth-pop. To call this next track superb wouldn’t do it justice. Meet Bulgarian ambient/drone/experimental producer EVITCELES […]


Hearing the calm jazzy e-piano harmony in the intro of “Just Say” was quite satisfying as it is, but once I heard the half-time beat and the sub come in, the bass-head in me was […]

Forbidden FruitsMarc Brauner

“Forbidden Fruits” progresses in a manner that introduces listeners to a range of twists and turns. It clocks in at 7 minutes and Marc Brauner is able to seamlessly clutch on to one’s attention with […]


It’s so nice to see artists whom we’ve released with, collaborating. “Freckles” is the new piece by PALLADIAN & HAELIUM – both of which are great in creating beautiful soundscapes & captivating electronica. To top […]

Far OutJoe Nora G Mills

If you’ve enjoyed “Boska“, the first single from the upcoming Rainfall EP (22 June), Joe Nora has another surprise in his sleeve before the full project drops. “Far Out”, featuring the renowned G Mills on […]

HomeRoss Carlo

The tightest drums out there. Ross Carlo’s new track “Home” is that soul escape you’ve been looking for all morning. Pure energy all the way and while it’s kinda chill vibe I just can’t stop […]


Like ODESZA meeting Slow Magic, but wrapped with a layer of dub. Say hi to Mfinity’s new single “Here” taken from his upcoming EP via High Vibe Records. The DC-based producer blends elements typical to […]

ups and downsRINZ.

Not that I expected anything else, but RINZ. delivered the chillest vibes to our ears. “ups and downs”, true to its name, changes from positivism to sweet melancholy, through his signature guitars, warm keys and […]


I consider Flume’s Hi My Name Is Flume one of the best mixtapes I’ve heard in my life – with that being said it’s no surprise why I heavily resonate with “Stroll” from Laxcity’s latest […]


Having a happy place you can mentally visit during times of uncertainty can be a really effective gateway for calmness. For up-and-coming Vancouver-based producer kyoshi, this becomes reality in the form of lo-fi hip-hop. “The […]

Fuck ShitRad Aown

Late night jazz vibes paired with smooth bars is always a win. “Fuck Shit” is the creative child of 26 years old rapper and producer Rad and fellow Queens resident Aown. Driven by their passion […]


I’m feeling like a little kid every time & open my Release Radar – hoping for a new Rohne track. Today’s a good day. His 3rd release for the year, “Phase” is a magnificent journey […]