RISENoah Slee L V J

It’s time to “RISE”, folks! I promise, after listening to this sultry tune, you’ll be two feet above the ground! Noah Slee’s new single is a truly elevating and soul-tingling treat, loaded with good vibes. […]

Don’t PanicLeena Kamen

Here’s another deep and slow piece, this time a release of our own. Stoked to present the 3rd & final single before Leena‘s debut album drops on Feb 11th. “Don’t Panic” is produced by Kamen […]


An electrifying atmosphere, garnished with mysticism makes MAVERIX’s latest tune a real ear-pleaser. I was surprised that this is actually the first future garage piece, that the New Zealand-based artist produced! The clean production, the […]

Palo SantoSaint Joshua

I have a portion of the smoothest vibes for you this Friday! Saint Joshua’s “Palo Santo” is the kind of take-it-easy tune, which will leave you with a smile on your face and a sweet […]

Moving SlowlySynga

It’s a slow-jam Friday for me (you’ll hear more why a bit later) and I’m kicking off with this absolute gorgeousness. SYNGA is one of my fav latest finds (bonus points that she’s Dutch, you […]


“LANDING” gracefully saunters the line between relaxing and energetic by virtue of two distinctions… The rhythmic section and the progression of the melodic arrangement. The drums keep the groove going to the point where you […]

Let GoCalm Chapter

Calm Chapter is suggesting we “Let Go” of any worries and allow ourselves to rest in the company of some lofi. With its delicate meditative atmosphere, the track is a natural remedy against anxiety. The […]


Ready for take off? You’ll need and want to be, with Outis’ latest tune “Ghiaccio”. The track is a multi-textural sonic avalanche that will trigger your imagination while extracting you out of your current geo […]

Witch HuntDe Rien

Taking it eaaaassy with this fresh lofi house track by De Rien! The German producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist dropped his infectious electronica off-pop track “Witch Hunt” at the end of last year. Now, can you […]

AltitudeExpo 88

A new Expo 88 release – a new reason to drop everything and get boarded on this flight to the serene realms of downtempo. Somewhere in between clouds and planes, the engine has been ignited […]

I’ve GrownSofasound

Nothing says I’ve Grown like a synth power-up beat wit wobbly base structure that exhales confidence. That’s how I would sum up Sofasound’s 2nd EP with our label and the title track from this release. […]

Smile (Overthinking)Bert

You’re in for a real journey with this one my friends. “Smile (Overthinking)” is the second and final single ahead of Bert’s debut EP It’s all gd, dw releasing on Well Overdue Records in February. […]