The Magnetic Fields have just dropped a new offering for you to add to your “stay at home” playlist.

“Kraftwerk in a Blackout” is the new single off their upcoming album, Quickies. At 110 seconds, the guitar-driven song really flies by as you watch a little puppet show plays out the video that released along with the track.

Despite some of the lyrics are not the most uplifting, the melody will get you grooving as you work through the days of social distancing. And even though the song ends with “Will we ever dance again?” it’s safe to say this will at least put a little swing in your step.

Quickies is composed of 28 short tracks that range from 13 seconds to two minutes and 35 seconds. The Magnetic Fields’ new record will release digitally on May 15 followed by a physical release (five vinyl EPs or a single CD) on May 29 via Nonesuch Records.

Watch the video for Magnetic Fields’ “Kraftwerk in a Blackout” below: