Rufus Wainwright always seems to craft the perfect song for whatever we’re feeling. But his latest single, “Alone Time,” couldn’t be any more perfect.

“‘Alone Time’ is the end title of my upcoming album, UNFOLLOW THE RULES,” Wainwright said in a statement, “an old school record that attempts to take the listener on a rich journey through the myriad of experiences of this thing we call ‘life.’ It is my belief that with everyone and everything, ultimately, all conclusions are about solitude and the acceptance of that fact, and that often this is a very beautiful realization.”

And while the title alone fits our current quarantine lives, Wainwright delves into why the relatability goes beyond that.

“But today, in these dark times, I’m thinking a lot about the thousands of people who, due to COVID-19, are forced to experience intense isolation at the end of their days in order to save others, and the incredible fear that that must entail,” he said. “This track is humbly dedicated to them; it is a wish of hope and a prayer for grace that they feel some sense of joy and comfort in knowing they are performing such an incredible act of sacrifice for humanity.”

And the video perfectly goes with it. A black and white sketched animation that helps highlight the elegance and beauty of the song.

Despite having to push back on his tour plans, Wainwright performing daily with #MusicalEverydays and #RobeRecitals. He also previously released “Peaceful Afternoon.”

Watch Rufus Wainwright’s “Alone Time” video below:

You can preorder UNFOLLOW THE RULES, which releases on July 10, here.