With everything that’s happening in the world, sometimes you just need a good song to make you feel more at ease. Luckily, Rufus Wainwright has just the right tune for you.

“Peaceful Afternoon,” the latest single off his upcoming album, Unfollow the Rules, is a sweet guitar-driven ballad that will easily your serenade-worthy list.

Making an early mention of the 13 years he has been with his husband, Wainwright talks about the minutiae and small pains of a relationship. But he ends the chorus by singing, “I pray that your face is the last that I see on a peaceful afternoon.”

Upon releasing the new track, Wainwright tweeted, “Now more than ever, I think there’s nothing we desire more than to simply have a peaceful afternoon. Maybe at this moment, our living rooms are the best places to be. I hope you love this song as I do.”

Wainwright previously released “Trouble in Paradise” and “Damsel in Distress.”

Unfollow the Rules is out on April 24.