Following the release of their new single, “Time Moves On,” Phantom Planet have just released an acoustic version of the track.

Featuring the band’s singer and songwriter Alex Greenwald and guitarist Darren Robinson, the clip shows them in a minimal recording setup with a drum machine as well as electric and acoustic guitars. Unlike the original track, this version will let you focus not only on Greenwald’s vocals but also the lyrics, which was inspired by his breakup with his fiancée, Captain Marvel star Brie Larson.

“I started writing this song as a way of comforting myself after a heartbreak, but its meaning ended up becoming about finding hope in the midst of suffering, which I think all of us have gone, are going, or will go through,” Greenwald told SPIN. “I hope it helps someone else as much as it helped me. We got together inside my cabin in Laurel Canyon to play this song. This time, the song was about processing loss. How should we deal with impermanence? Here is a little ephemera about eternity we play here with a drum machine, an electric guitar, and an acoustic.”

“Time Moves On” is the latest single off their upcoming record, Devastator, which is their first studio record in 12 years. To listen to the original version of “Time Moves On,” check out the lyric video here.

Devastator is set to release on May 8 via ADA Worldwide.