Quarantine cover series Two Minutes to Late Night pays homage to Halloween by covering Ozzy Osbourne’s 1982 solo hit, “Over The Mountain.”

The ever-shifting metal consortium who performs the true-to-the-original cover is Mastodon’s Brann Dailor, Darkest Hour/Be Well’s Mike Schleibaum, Kvelertak’s Marvin Nygaard, Baroness’ Seb Thomson, and host Gwarsenio Hall. The original of the tune featured late, great guitarist Randy Rhoads.

The band tosses in a moment of Black  Sabbath’s titular “Black Sabbath” to up the spookiness in the tune, plus, for more Halloween-ness, there’s a background of a costume store, and Dailor, in further homage to the Prince of Darkness, bit the head of a plush bat.

Check out the tune below.

The show recently shared some killer covers of Rage Against the Machine and Rush (featuring members of Mastodon, Coheed and CambriaTool and Primus) — and also did an unexpected cover of Robyn’s “Ever Again” (featuring members of Spirit Adrift and Royal Thunder).

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