Sinéad O’Connor is back with her first song since contributing “Trouble Soon Be Over” to the 2015’s Tribute To Blind Willie Johnson compilation. Her latest song is another cover — Mahalia Jackson’s “Trouble of the World” — with all profits from the song’s sales set to be donated to Black Lives Matter charities.

“[F]or me the song isn’t about death or dying,” O’Connor said in a statement. “More akin, a message of certainty that the human race is on a journey toward making this world paradise and that we will get there.”

Not only is her rendition moving, but the black-and-white video will move you to your core. Showing images from the Black Lives Matter protests, O’Connor is also seen walking the streets wearing a “Black Lives Matter” sweatshirt and holding a sign with a photo of Jackson on it.

O’Connor’s cover is currently available with an acapella version on Heavenly Recordings’ Bandcamp page today (Oct. 2).