StevenCharles showcases his talent in debut single “Stay” which just recently got a video added. The video opens with a hook sound “La-la-la-la”, showing the artist on the stage looking as dashing as ever. A gorgeous lady dances but when her partner appears, she is ecstatic and they immediately start dancing together in perfect choreography. 

StevenCharles sets a positive mood, stating that “it’s been a lovely day” and the Montreal dance scene couldn’t agree more. Vibrant, chill, and inspiring, this song is the perfect morning-starter to instill the positive vibes and a grain of gratitude into one’s life.

The Canadian neo-soul artist records his music in Atlanta, working alongside his brother. He is innovative beyond measure and effortlessly charming through his songs. “Stay” is a charismatic and bright creation that is guaranteed to remain a fan favorite for a long time although the listeners cannot wait to see what StevenCharles has in stock.

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