Juicy J shared his feelings about what’s currently going on today with his new track, “Hella Fuckin’ Trauma.”

The track takes on a whole laundry list of things from systemic racism to reparations to COVID-19.

“Crisis actors right before my eyes, I know they tellin’ lies / Martial law, fuck you thought, ‘less the police in disguise / I don’t need no reparations, bitch just give me back what’s mine / You know I keep the peace but the piece is a nine,” he delivers on the track.

He even made comments about the ownership of his song masters and rapped, “Why they lock up all the real ones, man? Enough is enough/Labels wanna own my masters, enough is enough.”

Juicy J spoke out against his label by releasing a track called “Fuk Columbia Records,” which included Prince’s speech from the Soul Train awards from 2000, in February. He later took down the track and said that he and the label “are all good!”

Watch Juicy J’s video for “Hella Fuckin’ Trauma” below.


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