Eels are back with “Baby Let’s Make It Real.”

Recorded at the band’s Los Angeles studio, the song is a mid-tempo track that shows a sweet and very much less somber side compared to Mark Oliver Everett’s previous work.

“How ‘bout a new song to get your mind off your troubles for 3 minutes and 55 seconds? Play it again if you want to double that time,” Eels lead singer Everett said in a statement.

Eels have released 12 albums since 1996; Everett, also known as E, has put out two solo albums under that moniker. Eels grabbed headlines in in 2014 when Everett’s long-time friend, former Journey singer Steve Perry, joined Eels on stage after a nearly 18-year-gap in live appearances.

This is Eel’s first new material since 2018’s The Deconstruction. While there’s no word about a new reocrd yet, hopefully this is a first step towards that direction.

Listen to the Eels’ new track, “Baby Let’s Make It Real” below.