Hazeline Taffe is recognized with many words and emotions. Her knack to transport those feelings into lyrics has served her well as a renowned artist. She shares her experiences in a relatable way, making her music all the more relaxing. She works around boosting the sense of love and good vibes as he remits her musical talents.

The artist’s raw transparency and innate ability to touch upon various feelings have been boosting her presence in the industry.

The Canadian singer is back at it with yet another hit track titled “Humanitarian Change.” Her collection of feel-good tracks are making her a go-to artist on many playlists. After releasing her debut album titled Finally, the artist managed to gather an astounding fanbase. She moved on to release hit songs such as “True Friend,” which help her get her message across loud and clear.

Originally from Jamaica, Hazeline Taffe has quickly become the queen of raw emotional displays.