After “Butterflies,” the US-based singer-songwriter Finding Chase is back with a dynamic hard rock single titled “Can’t Stop. ” Surprising his fans with a different style of music in almost each of his releases, Finding Chase reconnected with music shortly after going through a divorce. Today, with several singles under his belt, he is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting artists, one who can drop a rap track followed by a hard rock number and an EDM hit. 

He shares: “If I drop a rock track one month then they should fully anticipate some EDM to be in the pipeline, then I’ll release an acoustic ballad for bedtime and follow up with some trap/metal fusion. I want it to be that way because that’s how life actually is. Some days I want to scream, some days I want to reflect, some I want to serenade, and others party until 4am. Why limit yourself to one if you can pull off a bunch of them? Imagine the roller coaster of a live performance.”

Finding Chase is also a multi-instrumentalist who plays the guitar and drums, a skillset that has proven its utility when crafting original soundscapes. His songwriting is sharp and straightforward, and Finding Chase believes that life experiences are a far more powerful tool to open up the mind than anything else. 

Keep Finding Chase on your radar, as the promising creative has announced the upcoming release of an EP, as well as multiple singles. 

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