DYLI is a fast-rising singer-songwriter from Lodi, CA, who has just released her new single, “London Bridge.” Known for having powerful, soulful vocals and engaging lyrics, DYLI’s latest track is another thrilling chapter in her musical journey.

The latest single, produced by Ruwanaga Samath, is an exuberant, ebullient offering. The track pulls from Fergie’s “London Bridge” and delivers a fun and lively perspective. “Big Ben, turn them hundreds into pounds,” she proclaims on the creative record, easily one of her best releases. “London Bridge,” blending a list of cultural references with a lively backbeat, brings DYLI‘s creative flair to the forefront in a radiant number. Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, DYLI shared, “Writing ‘London Bridge’ was a blast. I wanted to bring the same attitude Fergie brought to her music, and incorporating elements from her song really brought mine together.”

DYLI embarked on her musical journey in Stockton, CA, where she was exposed to a wide-ranging tapestry of music from an early age. Her parents, noting her aptitude for the guitar, encouraged her to start playing at just six. It was the big step in her life that had her starting to pen down songs after losing her grandfather in 2014. This emotional catalyst is what’s driven her to produce a series of tracks that resonate deeply with her audience.

DYLI began her ascension as an artist with the deeply vulnerable single “Foreplay.” The third single in her career, “18+,” set the path of her evolution and reached many hearts with its deeply personal and relatable lyrics. And with “Tokyo,” she pushed things further, offering an uptempo anthem that connected with her audience.

Returning to Lodi was a key point in DYLI‘s development. With a decade of experience now, DYLI never really stops adjusting her sound, drawing from an already rich background in music. “London Bridge” is out now, and it’s available on all streaming services. It’s another continued movement for DYLI, matching that soulful background of hers with the sounds of today’s new sonic pop. Now, DYLI’s continued to hone her craft to be even more innovative, ensuring that she will continue to be a force in the ever-growing music frontier.

Stream “London Bridge” below: