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DeuxAarigod Harry Kosminski

The glimmer of plucks, the RICH textures, and of course the drums… Those are among the delights on “Deux” that seduced me into playing the track numerous times. I love that Aarigod and Harry have […]

IntroKashi Sankara

“Intro” is actually the opening track to Kashi’s latest EP Kashimawo and it seamlessly sets the tone of the project when it comes not only the lyricism but the mood too. We’re immediately impaled with […]

Cara Delevingne, Can You Please Chill?

Remember Cara Delevingne, of Taylor Swift #girlsquad and Ashley Benson sex swing-shopping fame? Over the past week, the model-turned-actress-question-mark, who is perhaps best known for her “Shane from The L Word”-esque reputation in Hollywood (she’s […]


Viben’s “Titi” shocked me from the very first second I heard it. The track gives you no breathing spaces and kicks off with the vocals before you even had a chance to hit the play […]

[Video]: Deliluh – “Amulet”

Deliluh is the duo of Kyle Knapp (vocal, guitar, field recording, tape) and  Julius Pedersen (synth, guitar, tape), relocated to Europe from their Toronto base with the ambition to plug into a continent that felt more […]