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black and whiteSan Holo

I think I arrived a bit late to the party, although I discovered the works of San Holo after he picked up the guitar. How he incorporates subtle folk and indie elements into his dazzling […]

JPTheo Ogundipe

This week is a bliss when it comes to hip hop. After Little Simz’s “Introvert“, here comes another stunning piece, this one from Nigerian-born, UK-based Theo Ongundipe. “JP” is actually Theo’s only 2nd release, after […]

hello, friendChris Gerber

Oh, hello, friends 🙂 Happy Friday! One hella captivating tune coming your way, courtesy of Chris Gerber A dreamy chillhop piece, crafted with lighthearted melodies, smooth lofi drums, and tastefully placed guitar. Chris shares: I […]


A few weeks back Rohne dropped “Ceres” – a wonderful new step towards his upcoming 2021 album. We’re continuing on the path of discovering Keenan’s more upbeat / organic house side of Rohne with his […]


Mystic and muffled vocals, hard hitting bass and echoing delayed ambiance… Vesky’s signature sound gets me every time. The Spanish producer is back with a re-work of his track “Traces”, which is the perfect fit […]

About YouSol Ben Zaidi Sango

Sol, Ben Zaidi, and Sango. What a dream team. This Friday’s feel-good slow-mo sexy jam is their new collab titled “About You”. Each of the 3 Seattle-born artists brings their superb and unique art to […]

SienaBicep Clara La San

Bicep’s Isles but Andy and Matt (and Ninja Tune) haven’t closed the chapter just yet. The Belfast electronic duo are back in our feed, mind and ears with the Delux edition if the album which […]