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Run the Jewels Share ‘Ooh LA LA’ From Upcoming Album

Run the Jewels gave a glimpse of what's to come on their new album by sharing "The Yankee and the Brave" on Sunday. Today, they…
SPIN Staff / March 25, 2020

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Hear Travis Barker and Run the Jewels’ Explosive Collab ‘Forever’

Having already worked together on RTJ2, Run the Jewels and Travis Barker are definitely not strangers at this point. So it should come as no surprise…
Emily Tan / July 31, 2020

Run the Jewels Share Lyric Video for ‘JU$T’

As if Run The Jewels' latest lyric video for "JU$T" isn't already a trip, wait until you watch it with their new cannabis line in hand.
Brenton Blanchet / July 27, 2020

The 101 Best Albums of the 2010s

Why now? Because — and there's no reason to ignore the elephant in the room: SPIN stewardship has changed hands many, many times since we made…
SPIN Staff / June 30, 2020

My Chemical Romance, Smashing Pumpkins, Run the Jewels, Pixies Highlight Riot Fest 2021 Lineup

My Chemical Romance, Smashing Pumpkins, Run the Jewels and Pixies are among the highlights of the first wave lineup for Riot Fest 2021. Yes, you…
Daniel Kohn / June 16, 2020

Killer Mike Is ‘Mad as Hell’ and ‘Saddened Beyond Consolation’ Over Rayshard Brooks’ Killing

Killer Mike has been quite vocal following the death of George Floyd at the hand of Minneapolis police officers last month, and on Saturday the…
Katrina Nattress / June 14, 2020

Bill Maher Tells Killer Mike to Run for Office on Real Time

It's been a busy week for Killer Mike. Last Friday, he delivered a moving speech directed at protestors in Atlanta and popped up to chime…
Daniel Kohn / June 5, 2020

Run the Jewels’ RTJ4 Is Driving Music for a Cop Car on Fire

Run the Jewels don’t make a reviewer’s job easy because everything that’s great about them is the stuff we’re supposed to ignore to get to…
Dan Weiss / June 5, 2020

Run the Jewels Drop RTJ4 2 Days Early

Run the Jewels have dropped RTJ4 two days early and it is now available for streaming and to download. Earlier in the week, El-P said…
SPIN Staff / June 3, 2020

Killer Mike on How White People Can Help: ‘It Is Being a Part of Fixing It Always’

Last Friday, Killer Mike delivered a powerful, poignant speech directed at protestors in Atlanta. And on Monday night, he went on the Late Show With Stephen…
Daniel Kohn / June 3, 2020

Run the Jewels Share Powerful ‘A Few Words For The Firing Squad (Radiation)’

Following Killer Mike's impassioned speech and offering up their upcoming album, RTJ4, for free to anyone who needs it, El-P shared Run The Jewel's album…
Emily Tan / June 1, 2020

El-P Says Run The Jewels 4 Will be Free to Anyone Who Needs Music Right Now

Following George Floyd's horrific murder at the hands of a cop, musicians have been standing up for the Black community and speaking out against racism.
Katrina Nattress / May 31, 2020

Killer Mike Urges ‘Black People and People of Color’ to Embrace Second Amendment in New Op-Ed

Killer Mike has long been a proponent of the second amendment, especially with regard to minority gun ownership. He took things a step further in…
Daniel Kohn / May 28, 2020

The 50 Best Songs of 2020 (So Far)

Great songs have a freedom that albums don't because great songs only have to pull off their trick once. It's like how a great SNL…
SPIN Staff / May 22, 2020

Run the Jewels Announce RTJ4 Release Date, Tracklisting

Run the Jewels will release their fourth LP, RTJ4, on June 5 via Jewel Runners/BMG. The 11-track album runs over 40 minutes and features…
Daniel Kohn / May 12, 2020

Run the Jewels Celebrate the End of Class Struggle in ‘Ooh La La’ Video

Last month, Run the Jewels shared "Ooh La La" from their long-awaited RTJ4 album. Now, Killer Mike and El-P have shared the visual component to the track.
Daniel Kohn / April 27, 2020
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