J.Lamotta‘s honey vocals & Cologne-based Gianni Brezzo’s jazzy instrumental make perfection. “Beirut”, out via Jakarta Records, is a mellow song with a touch of melancholy – something that speaks to your heart. She explains the inspiration behind the lyrics:

I read the news about the explosion […] just before going to bed and woke up the next day with tears in my eyes. I was frustrated, confused and speechless. I woke up into dark thoughts and couldn’t get out of bed. After some time, I opened a note on my phone and started writing; ‘In this summer Leo is blasting in an unusual way’, then the rest of the lyrics came along. As the day went by, I read a poem that triggered me to compose […]. The poem started with the words ‘Know the pain like you know a street. A street doesn’t ask for a solution, it asks you to walk through’. Then I remembered the beat I got from Gianni. I never wrote a song while crying before, but it was necessary for me to walk in that street of pain.

And the music video contributes to the piece perfectly: