Los Angeles  saxophonist, guirarist and producer Sam Gendel has announced the release of a new album called blueblue which will be out on October 14th via Leaving Records. According to the press release, The bulk of blueblue was recorded in isolation in a makeshift studio built in a cabin floating atop a tributary of Oregon’s Columbia River. Having sketched out a set of guitar melodies, Gendel recorded the album in five-or-so weeks, during which time he became well-acquainted with the river’s tidal rise and fall. This organic rhythm, which daily lifted the house to meet the horizon, later setting it down gently upon the riverbed, permeates the record. There are pops and groans and artifacts, and, in Tate-jima (縦縞, vertical stripes)—one of blueblue’s more plaintive tracks—even the faint lapping of water. “Tate-waku (竪沸く, rising steam)” is the new excerpt.

Listen below.