Emmy and Grammy-nominated composer and musician, Peg Luke, transcends the limitations of existence with her most recent track “Almighty, Victorious.” The song was written based on the lyrics of the old hymn tune, Immortal, Invisible. The multi-instrumentalist admits that she wanted to incorporate those words into the message and idea she was trying to communicate.

“I took the very powerful text from the classic hymn, Immortal, Invisible, and paired it with a brand new vibe. That hymn always rang true to me. It is a very positive and powerful piece of music and I decided to change the mood with bagpipes and fiddle,” reveals Peg Luke, admitting: “…my composing ideas are inspired by the unknown, which I want to believe are inspired from the Divine.”

Peg Luke adds: “I must tell you that I don’t start off at the piano. The words and music first resonate through my mind and they usually simmer for a while there.  If the tune and words keep coming back to me, I know then I need to go to the piano and start writing down what I hear.  The degree of musical development varies.  With “Almighty Victorious” it was pretty much all there in my head before I wrote it down.”

With releases like “The Greatest Gift” and “Almighty, Victorious,” Peg Luke reignites interest in the classical and folk genres. The virtuoso artist is excited to announce that she has a new single coming out called “I Am Home, Lord.” The song is inspired by the war in Ukraine and is dedicated to all the immigrants, refugees, and migrants who had to flee their homes to find a better life.

Listen to “Almighty, Victorious” here: