James Bernard was a British film composer who scored such classic films as The Curse of Frankenstein and Dracula. Los Angeles based label A Strangely Isolated Places will release a collection of unreleased tracks called Unreleased Works 1994​-​1999 (Volumes 1 & 2). It will be out on June 19th.

According to the press release, Originally composed around 1994-1999, James Bernard’s Unreleased Works have lie dormant bar a select group of friends who were lucky enough to experience the release through an extremely limited CDr. Over 25 years later, James and A Strangely Isolated Place have repackaged this deeply personal collection of acid-infused ambient-breaks into two LPs and one extended digital album: Volume 1 (Acid Dreams) and Volume 2 (Elemental Dreams).

Check the full streaming below and read the full story.

Arriving at a time when James was primarily producing Trance and Acid under his Influx or Cybertrax aliases on Rising High Records, these compositions came to life when James felt most vulnerable and his style most malleable. The music was never intended to be heard by the outside world and was a remedy for his own private centering – a personal journal through tough times. Encouraged by close friends to rip copies to CDr after a few tracks were posted online, the album has since been long-sought-after and confined to the Discogs want lists.

Originally spanning 3 CDs and themed in styles ranging from ‘Beatless’, to ‘Beats’ and finally ‘Beats and Modular’, it was a descriptive yet humble description for the tantalizing journey that lies within. The recordings combined elements of what is only now (over twenty years later) evident within James’ extensive production arsenal over the years. Be it pure melodic modular synthesizer work, emotional chords, chugging trip-hop basslines, euphoric acid-lines, ambient-leaning trance, or a simple combination of all of the above; trying to further categorize the extensive work at play here is ultimately irrelevant past these notes.

To help present the album in an updated and digestible concept, the full 28 tracks were reduced to 20 and further sequenced between two thematic vinyl editions. Volume 1 (Acid Dreams) on transparent yellow vinyl, takes its cues from the 303 with acid-soaked basslines, epic breaks, and more futuristic-leaning escapism. Whereas Volume 2 (Elemental Dreams) on Transparent Orange Vinyl, brings more organic elements to the trip, with samples from unexplored fantasy worlds, deeper dives down the rabbit hole, and a nod to the chill-out rooms of the ’90s.

Featuring artwork by Steve Hyland (Geometric Love) and fully remastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri, James Bernard’s Unreleased Works is available as an extended Pre-order in two-LP editions and one full digital album.