Dropping the funk rarely comes as smooth as this!

“Stay Free” is one of the grooviest tracks off Robohand’s newest LP – Shapes. Except for being a buoyant and invigorating nod to 70’s library music, the song is indicative of the vibe that permeates the whole album. That is, some deliciously funky guitar chords and riffs dancing on top of a strutting bassline, with a little bit of brass here and there for extra charm. Talking about charm – Andy Baxter, the man behind the Robohands moniker, actually plays all the instruments himself. This includes hip-hop-influenced contemporary drumming as well.

Shapes is Baxter’s’ debut release as part of the KingUnderground collective. It’s a refreshing blend of vintage and contemporary, traditional live instruments and modern production techniques. Except composing the songs and tracking all instruments by himself, he has also carried the production of the album on his own shoulders. The only thing more impressive is that by listening to the LP, there is no way you can tell it’s a one-man show recorded and produced in a one-man London flat.

If you are a fan of funk or jazz in any shape and form, you are in for a real treat!