Up until today Project AER’s “some kind of comfort” was easily one of my favourite beats of 2020. Then “Other Side” came along and I fell in love again.

There are songs that (to me ) sound like what falling in love feels like and that ambient-inspired composition is definitely one of them. I can’t imagine more gentle guitars chords and paired with those delayed ambient effects, they comprise such a warm and welcome vibe, it’s hard to move onto another track.

“Other Side” is the first true step of the journey depicted in my EP Closer – about coming back from a dark place and finding your way towards the light. It represents an acknowledgment of pain. I wanted to use chill ambient guitars to create an emotive, moody, and melancholic beat, paired with my own vocals processed as a background element to be the voices in the mind. It’s one of my favourite songs I’ve made under Project AER, and I hope this song and the EP resonates with you.

Stream the full EP below.

Project AER Closer EP
The Beginning – Project AER 02:35
Other Side – Project AER 03:00
Turning Point – Project AER 02:56
Road Is Mine – Project AER 02:18
The Ending – Project AER 02:48