Lush. I’ve always had a tough time trying to come up with very specific examples when I’m asked to define what exactly this adjective “sounds” like, but I’m glad I came across TV Culture’s “In My Home” because this gorgeous downtempo electronic track is about to become my go-to answer for now.

From mellow soft drums to ambient pads, warm synths and groovy percussion this tune is truly captivating in every way. What’s more, it carries a certain mystery, achieved by the use of the processed vocal chops which sound as if they carry a message and try to let you in on something. At the end of the day, there comes a moment where the meaning of said distant textures stops mattering all that much, because the rest of the soundscape, consisting of harmonically rich pads and synths, sends you on a journey to a remote place of calmness as it wraps around your ears. The only wish left for you then is to just give in, kick back and enjoy the musical experience.

“In My Home” is out now via Atlantic Chill, so it’s time to show it some love. Bonus points if you listen to this stellar piece alongside checking out its amazingly colorful visual: