Swedish singer and songwriter Elin Wolf  just released a new song entitled “Nighttrain To Yosemite”. Sonically jaw-dropping, this latest track comes as a follow-up to her previous release, “Into Pieces”. The singer-songwriter and poet does a great job at both delivering extremely moving and poetic lyrics paired with a contemporary fusion of sounds including rock and alt-rock textures and indie feels. 

The Swedish artist is a greatly inspiring individual who does not follow or resemble anyone, and instead creates her own path, filling every step she takes with indescribable beauty.  

“Nighttrain To Yosemite,” with its raw sounds, great hooks, and drum frames is a surreal piece of alternative rock music that incorporated different genres in a way no one has done before, including inspiration from the 60’s and 70’s influneces. The Swedish artist also exposes an incredible guitar performance which she made one of the focal points of her composition where the deeply epic and yet smooth vocal build-up in an outstanding synchronicity. 

Elin Wolf, with the release of “Nighttrain To Yosemite,” is undoubtedly one of the artists to look at closely in the upcoming months! Stay Tuned!