Colton Bryan, the British saxophonist behind “Dawn Rise” was an aspiring rapper and producer. This young and ambitious talent is no longer with us, as he died tragically in the summer of 2020, not much longer after the release of this song. 

Mia, his manager says that “one thing that Colton always wanted is to share his passion and music with the world” and today we are doing just that – honoring Colton’s life by sharing this smooth and soulful track with you. 

You can hear Colton’s hip-hop and jazz influences in “Dawn Rise.” The sax is layered on top of a hip-hop beat by Yondo Beats, who also produced the track. There are two distinct saxophone melodies in this piece which alternate between crossing over and harmonizing. When you close your eyes and listen, it almost feels as if they are chasing each other. 

Colton wrote that he hopes “these frequencies heal you, and bring direction and prosperity to your life.” Without a doubt, the sound of this track leaves you feeling recharged and relaxed and we are glad it reached us, so we can share it with you.