15 years after N’écoutez pas, Canadian band Fly Pan Am returned a new album called C’est ça in 2019. They quietly reunited in late 2017 for purely artistic reasons (needless to say), to explore making new music together after more than a decade spent in pursuit of separate sonic adventures. Now they shared a new track called “Mirror Cracks Seeking Interiority” which is part of Constellation’s Corona Borealis Longplay Singles Series.

The single is accompanied with an experimental film by Charline Dally. They explain: “The social and the mirror is so obvious, being and rediscovering the omnipresent objection of the recovered tendency to the exteriority by a hard, fast object in exteriority. (Re)gaining in self is being personal on temperature differences. Although some aspects of the recovering in exteriority are delineated to a loss of personal autonomy and valorization into pieces”.

Watch it below.