New York-based musician and songwriter Benjamin Lazar Davis, better known for his work with Okkervil River and Cuddle Magic. Two years after his debut full-length, he has announced the release of a new album which will be out in 2021. We already shared “If You Want It”; “What If I?” is a new track which comes with the official video directed by himself.

He explains: “Cole Kamen-Green was really excited to show me a Bach chorale called, “Preserve My Faith From Error Free”. I started writing a melody over it, and soon I had the verse and out of my gibberish came the words “Sylvia, my own”. We made the song about a relationship that needed saving, and we thought if we sang the chorus enough times maybe Sylvia would come back. She never did. 

This video was made during the first few months of quarantine, in the desert — 2 hours outside of Los Angeles. My goal was to make the video without anybody else’s help. I bought a drone and a GoPro camera and Final Cut and proceeded to make a music video about making a music video of myself. It was really fun and hard and I learned so much.”