Untitled is the collaborative album between Moscow based producer Pavel Milyakov (AKA Buttechno) and Norwegian saxophonist Bendik Giske. It willbe out on March 26th via Smalltown Supersound and Le Jazz Non. According to the press release, The music conjured up by Milyakov and Giske inside this new world is arresting, absorbing and transporting. Creaky, eery atmospheres created by Pavel provide a platform for Bendik’s captivating, physical and remarkable saxophone improvisations. The stark minimalism of both artist’s work draws attention to the exquisite intricacies and the deftness of both artists’ work which displays a phenomenal amount of dexterity and versatility.

As Bendik describes in his own words: “I first got immersed in Pavel’s work with his album ‘Cherskogo Drive’, released under their moniker Buttechno on Cititrax in 2018, where Pavel seemingly effortlessly plays with core synthesized sound elements and sequences.

Joakim of Smalltown Supersound and I started fantasising about what Pavel and I could come up with in joining our methods, and we decided to reach out with our thoughts. In meeting Pavel, I met a visionary and incredibly prolific artist. Soon we were sending sound files back and forth between Moscow, Berlin, and wherever else our individual practices would take us.

The album grew organically over time from its initial intention. Every piece I got from Pavel was in its own right a distinct take on the possibilities of my instrument’s sonic qualities and the elements I had sent him. Sounds were carefully worked through a discrete modular software system imagined by Pavel, allowing them to rethink and rearrange audio with their unique musical sensibility. This album´s final curation is a collection of tracks made over 12 months, a labour of love and a mode of being in the world that is also inventing it.”

Check the first excerpt “Untitled 2“.