We introduced different times Off World, the project of Toronto based artist Sandro Perri. He’s back with a new track called “Impulse Controller” which features Drew Brown (samples), Matthew Cooper (modular synth), Susumu Mukai (drum machine), Nicole Rampersaud (trumpet). It is part of Constellation’s Corona Borealis Longplay Singles Series.

About this latest track, Sandro Perri comments, “Impulse Controller (Pre-Dub)” was born in the Off World “1” sessions and developed during the making of Off World “2”. A “pre-dub” (not to be confused with a “rough mix” or a “demo”) is made long before a track meets its death and subsequent rebirth as the “final mix”. It has a special and usually private purpose – to hear the sounds as they are, without too much concern for the musical composition – and to notice what impulses arise in response to them. This version in particular is a showcase for a blistering first take by trumpeter Nicole Rampersaud”.