The new single and music video release “Mind Takes Hold” by New York City-based artist duo known as BriGuel is undoubtedly one of the band’s best works. It is not just a step forward for the creators but a jump to new creative heights filled with atmospheric soundscapes, divine emotional depths, spirituality, and utmost artistry. The duo’s growth is impressive. Before the new release, their last work was the EP 2020 Vision that gave a clear picture of the duo’s raw creative and musical opportunities. However, with “Mind Takes Hold,” through hard and dedicated work, they make the best out of their talent and add professionalism to the sound design and production choices that are evident. The release is more contemporary, filled with grooviness and swag. It shares powerful messages through edgy vibes.

With the release of “Mind Takes Hold,” they break the intangible chains of the mind holding them back from opening themselves fully. Their music and lyricism are liberating; their vision is infectious. BriGuel will make your soul overflow with the excitement of a much-needed hope for change.