The Atlanta-based young singer-songwriter Khiy Coleman better known as just Khiy dropped a new track and music video named “Jamaican Me Happy.” The masterful blend of diverse genres from reggae, pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, and every experimental sound in between comes to create the artist’s own unique signature and manifest a high amount of positive energy. 

The infinitely heartwarming and summer filled track is accompanied by a music video filled with similar vibes. Khiy praises life, and her passion for it is indeed contagious. The artist makes you see the positive and beauty of life. She dedicates the song to having fun and enjoying every living moment. The laid back attitude and feel-good vibe pour out of the track and the music video. Even though the summer of 2020 was nothing like we imagined it to be, “Jamaican Me Happy” will make you feel like you miss it. There is so much light in the song. 

The artist full-heartedly believes in life being worthy of living. Khiy may change your attitude towards life and your views on it completely. The track will make you want to live, explore, make great memories, be creative. “Jamaican Me Happy” will make you fall in love with life once again, and it is beautiful.