Since 2016, Mungbean have been recording music, playing shows, and building a following from their home base in Columbus, Ohio. The band have always self-recorded and self-produced their works since the beginning. After four short EPs, they have released their first full-lenght called I Love You Say It Back.

Speaking about the new album, the band explain, “I Love You Say it Back feels like our coming of age story. These songs have been written, played, rewritten, hashed out and recorded over the last few years. We’ve seen a lot of changes and challenges, not just as musicians but as young people growing up and figuring ourselves out. So when you listen to ILYSIB those are the kinds of stories being told – stories from a bunch of barely grown up kids, writing songs to get us through some of the crazier times in our lives.”

Listen below and watch as follow one of their live perfomance.