Balint Dobozi is a Zurich based producer and musician who explores the boundaries of neoclassical, electronica, folk and jazz on his century-old Bechstein grand piano and contemporary electronic instrumentsAvarnes is the new album which is out now via Edtion Halane. He explains:

My original idea for this record was to go through the circle of fifths. I always loved how the different keys created a different set of tones, frequencies, moods.

My other idea was to record it on my century-old Bechstein grand. I love its antique sound which recalls another era. So I started recording the piano, but I also sampled it and used its sounds in my drum machine, sampler and granular synths to create a different sort of “piano album”.

As concepts are great guidelines to make progress, they aren’t a guarantee for artistically pleasing results. So, after a long journey of three years, this album evolved into something of its own. My concepts were softened up but the music – now 9 tracks in 8 different keys, and with the addition of some of my favourite keyboard, synth and percussion instruments along with the piano and its derivative sounds – speaks for itself.

This record is my inner monologue: the voice inside of me dealing with reality – the different states of mind and snapshots of different moments in time.”