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Ozzy Osbourne Says ‘No Way’ to Black Sabbath Reunion

In a wide-ranging Rolling Stone interview ahead of tonight's (Sept. 7) debut of Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne on A&E, Ozzy Osbourne said…
Katherine Turman / September 7, 2020

Ozzy Osbourne Hospitalized for Complications From the Flu

Ozzy Osbourne is in the hospital, NBC News reports. Sharon Osbourne tweeted that the singer is struggling with "some complications from the flu." She said…
Winston Cook-Wilson / February 7, 2019

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Ozzy Osbourne Unveils ‘It’s a Raid’ Animated Video With Post Malone

Ozzy Osbourne and Post Malone teaming up last year on Osbourne's Ordinary Man was unexpected, but strangely enough, it worked. Now, an animated video for their "It's a Raid"
Katherine Turman / February 11, 2021

Andrew Watt on His Breakout Year, Producing Ozzy Osbourne and Miley Cyrus

Andrew Watt has learned to accept change. The Long Island-born, L.A.-based producer has had a monster year, even if his body yearns for its younger…
Daniel Kohn / December 21, 2020

The ’80s Music Scene? Mark ‘Weissguy’ Weiss Was There, With His Camera

Go to absolutely any of the near-400 pages of The Decade That Rocked —the new coffee-table-worthy collection—and you’re sure to find one of the most…
Liza Lentini / December 8, 2020

Ozzy Osbourne Says Eddie Van Halen Once Asked Him to Join Van Halen

In a recent episode of his SiriusXM show, Ozzy Speaks, Ozzy Osbourne told a tale about Eddie Van Halen calling him with an offer to join Van Halen. A potential…
Katherine Turman / October 23, 2020

Mastodon, Darkest Hour, Kvelertak, Baroness Members Cover Ozzy Osbourne on Two Minutes to Late Night

Quarantine cover series Two Minutes to Late Night pays homage to Halloween by covering Ozzy Osbourne's 1982 solo hit, "Over The Mountain." The…
Katherine Turman / October 12, 2020

Blizzard of Ozz Turns 40: Musicians Pay Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne’s First Solo Album

Twenty-three years before he’d achieve cult icon status as the affable patriarch of one of reality television’s most profane families, things were looking fairly bleak…
Chris Harris / September 21, 2020

Jack Osbourne Tells Us If 1980s Ozzy Osbourne Would Be Canceled Today

Though it’s executive produced by his son, Jack Osbourne, the new documentary The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne makes little effort to cover up the…
Tim Molloy / September 4, 2020

Ozzy Osbourne and Family Return to TV in New Paranormal Series

All aboard! Ozzy, Sharon, and Jack Osbourne will return to TV in a new show for the Travel Channel. It won't be as revealing as The…
Daniel Kohn / July 9, 2020

Ozzy Osbourne Stars in New 8-Bit Video Game ‘Legend of Ozzy’

Ozzy Osbourne's Ordinary Man was released last week, and now, a unique tribute to the Prince of Darkness has emerged in the form of an 8-bit video game. Titled Legend of Ozzy,…
Chloe Robinson / February 29, 2020

Jason Momoa Stars as Ozzy Osbourne in ‘Scary Little Green Men’ Teaser

Just before his album dropped, Ozzy Osbourne gave fans a bit of a treat in the form of a trailer. However, the star wasn't the…
Daniel Kohn / February 21, 2020

The 20 Best Ozzy Osbourne Solo Songs, Ranked

Ranking the top 20 Ozzy Osbourne solo songs ever?  This list probably shouldn’t have happened. Rewind back to April 1979 for a minute.
Sean Moltisanti / February 20, 2020

Ozzy Osbourne and Post Malone Join Forces on ‘It’s a Raid’

Ozzy Osbourne and Post Malone are at it again. The Prince of Darkness and the "Circles" rapper joined forces on "It's a Raid."
Emily Tan / February 20, 2020

Ozzy Osbourne Cancels Entire No More Tours 2 Slate

On the week his new album, Ordinary Man, is set to land in stores and on streaming services, Ozzy Osbourne has canceled his No More Tours…
Daniel Kohn / February 17, 2020

Ozzy Osbourne to Celebrate Ordinary Man with Global Tattoo Event

While others throw listening parties or put on shows, Ozzy Osbourne wanted to do something a little different to celebrate his latest album, No Ordinary…
Emily Tan / February 6, 2020
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