eve 6

Eve 6 Return With ‘black nova’

The heart in a blender guys are back. As promised to us in our lengthy December interview with singer Max Collins, Eve 6 are making…
Daniel Kohn / February 4, 2021

Eve 6’s Max Collins Is More Than Just the King of Music Twitter

No one was more surprised than Max Collins when the Eve 6 singer-bassist became the King of Music Twitter. In late December,…
Pamela Chelin / December 29, 2020

Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger Is in on the Joke in New ‘Photgraph’ Ad

Nickelback's 2005 "Photograph" video, which spawned endless memes, has been turned into a Google Photos ad. But this time around, singer Chad Kroeger is in on the…
Katherine Turman / December 23, 2020