Chino Moreno’s Crosses Releases First New Song in Six Years

On Christmas Day, Deftones singer Chino Moreno's electrorock side project ††† (Crosses), which also features guitarist Shaun Lopez, released their first new song in six years.
Daniel Kohn / December 26, 2020

††† (Crosses)’ ‘Telepathy’ Gets Dark Dance Remix From DWNTWN

Following a bout of silence that no doubt included much surreptitious spell-casting, ††† (Crosses) are back with a series of remixes that reimagine the witchy,…
Chris Martins / July 16, 2014

Chino Moreno’s Crosses Soundtrack Alien Landing in ‘Telepathy’ Video

Though Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has said his main band is working on a new album, a video has just surfaced for "Telepathy," off of…
Colin Joyce / May 6, 2014

Watch Crosses’ Noirish Video for ‘The Epilogue’

While the Deftones are Chino Moreno's main squeeze, his focus as of late has been that electronic-based mistress known as ††† (a.k.a. Crosses). The group, which…
Dan Reilly / March 18, 2014

Palms Ruin Valentine’s Day With Tragic, NSFW ‘Mission Sunset’ Video

Chino Moreno has been focusing on his † † † (Crosses) side-project lately, appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and sitting down for an interview with…
Kyle McGovern / February 14, 2014

Chino Moreno Talks His New, Not-at-All-Witch-House Band, Crosses

Chino Moreno is the rare artist who both hates being labeled and actually makes music that resists labeling. Somehow, his Deftones (despite being signed to…
Dan Weiss / February 13, 2014

Chino Moreno’s Crosses Stir ‘Bitches Brew’ for Network TV Debut on ‘Kimmel’

Chino Moreno's † † † (Crosses) made their network television debut on February 11, dropping by Jimmy Kimmel Live! for a double-header to support their…
Kyle McGovern / February 12, 2014

Crosses’ Share Creepy ‘Bitches Brew’ Video Starring Deftones’ Chino Moreno

At the top of the month, we heard the first taste from the debut album from Chino Moreno's ††† (or Crosses), which finds the Deftones and…
Chris Martins / November 26, 2013

Stream Crosses’ ‘Bitches Brew,’ Electronic Doom From Deftones’ Chino Moreno

Deftones leader Chino Moreno has been on a tear of late. His most famous band made a grand return with their rock-solid seventh album Koi No…
Chris Martins / November 5, 2013