iron maiden

Dethklok, Protest the Hero Members Cover Oingo Boingo in Time for Halloween

Two Minutes to Late Night continues to celebrate Halloween with an Iron Maiden-ized version of the mosh-worthy tune "Dead Man's Party" originally done by Los…
Katherine Turman / October 26, 2020

The 40 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time

This article originally appeared in the September 2002 issue of SPIN. From Black Sabbath to Korn, here is the definitive list of records…
SPIN Staff / October 30, 2019

Singer From Clown-Themed Iron Maiden Tribute Band Allegedly Smuggled $7 Million of Drugs to Japan

I'm not a drug smuggler, but if I were, I think I'd probably try to keep a pretty low profile. You could pretend you're a…
Andy Cush / January 4, 2018

Finally, Iron Maiden Have Partnered With Angry Birds

We don't have a Venn diagram of Iron Maiden fans and people who are still passionate about Angry Birds games on hand. Nonetheless, Rovio is…
Monique Melendez / October 16, 2017

Kidnapping Suspect Arrested After His Buddy Posted Their Iron Maiden Tickets on Facebook

A suspect in an aggravated kidnapping case in Austin, TX, one Derrick Roseland, was apprehended at an Iron Maiden concert on Saturday, after his friend…
Winston Cook-Wilson / June 26, 2017

The 20 Best Metal Albums of 2015

Continuing the domination of last year's hellish hopscotch between anarchy and orthodoxy, fortune — for 2015's best metal acts — has once again favored the bold.
SPIN Staff / December 14, 2015

Q&A: Bruce Dickinson on Iron Maiden Playing Behind the Iron Curtain and Never Being Punk

Many metal bands sing of demons and other creatures from unreal planes of existence. Iron Maiden are one of the only bands who actually might…
Andy O'Connor / September 17, 2015

Iron Maiden Made Millions Playing to Fans Who Stole Their Music

UPDATE: Musicmetric's head of PR, Andrew Teacher, has issued a statement saying that the company never worked directly with Iron Maiden and that the CiteWorld…
Kyle McGovern / December 26, 2013

Clive Burr, Drummer on Iron Maiden’s First Three Albums, Has Died

Metal fans have lost the drummer who played on some hugely influential records. Clive Burr, the former drummer for Iron Maiden, died last night in…
Marc Hogan / March 13, 2013

Grammys 2013: Who Should Win the Categories You Actually Care About

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards are almost upon us! Hey, we'd love to help you with your office pools and living-room side bets with some…
Christopher R. Weingarten / February 8, 2013

Grammys: Who Will Win? And Who Should Win?

Doing an office pool for this year's Grammy ceremony, which airs Sunday, Feb. 13, at 8:00 PM on CBS and features performances by Eminem, Arcade…
SPIN Staff / February 9, 2011

Iron Maiden Bring Their Metal Might to New York City

It's easy to forget, amid the constant deluge of news about the cratering music industry, that a few lucky bands are thriving, seemingly oblivious to…
Steve Kandell / July 13, 2010

Alicia Keys’ Booty Call, Kings of Leon’s Golf Addiction

Gaga super fans use a bathtub, laundry basket, and bubble wrap to recreate Lady Gaga's wild "Bad Romance" video. Their title: "Badder Romance"! [YouTube]…
SPIN Staff / January 14, 2010