Happy or not happy with the first month of 2022, it’s time to say ‘goodbye’, moving on to the most romantic month of the year.

The latest track by Ń7ä, featuring Whisky Cat and 方Q is a vibey house-inspired tune that hypnotizes with loungy synths and floating vocals. It seduces with its smooth vibes, while the lyrics go ‘don’t think, just dance’.

Taipei-born, New York-based composer, producer and sound designer Wenna Tsao, a.k.a Ń7ä, surely does know how to create the sound environment for you to fall into the realms of good time and pleasure. Familiar with a wide palette of genres, such as electronica, deep house, ambient, experimental, progressive house and world music, she draws inspiration from a lot of sources to stir up something as delightful and refreshing as this latest track of hers: “Happiness Is Overrated”. I’m more than curious what would she surprise us with this year and I suggest you stay in tune with this lady’s upcoming projects, as she’ll definitely be delivering some more great vibes.