When a new charismatic and promising artist drops his debut single, chances are many music enthusiasts will be interested. Young Finnish singer-songwriter, Hadi Ridha, made sure with his debut release “Love You Again,” that those coming to check him out will stay. The artist clearly knows how to grab and hold the audience’s attention. You will find yourself drowned in his melodic and beautiful world of pop music and quite soon attached to his inviting, attractive, and at the same time vulnerable appearance. 

Be prepared to fall deeply in love with both the song and the performer as “Love You Again” has the full potential to steal your heart even from the very first note. Hadi’s voice is soul-stirring, vibrant, and vividly diverse. The artist’s energy flaws in a perfect flow of the song’s rhythm, creating an ideal emotional balance for you. Hadi’s voice and character add intimacy and sensuality to the whole “Love You Again” experience. The song manages to be both heart-breaking and heart-warming at the same time. It creates an atmospheric rollercoaster of emotions and spreads vibes that can be called nothing but beautiful.