SUSS is the American band comprised of Jonathan Gregg, Gary Leib, Bob Holmes, and Pat Irwin. Whith their first two albums, Ghost Box and High Line, they explored panoramas that evoked the American West as well as the cosmic beyond. Now they have announced a new album called Promise which will be out on December 4th via Northern Spy.

According to the press release, it takes a more personal journey that maps out the rocky terrain of the American dream. Writing, recording, and mixing during the pandemic quarantine, the members of SUSS used their music to come to grips with concepts such as “promise” and “hope” and what they could still mean in this day and age.  

On Promise, the NYC quartet creates sonic landscapes using pedal steel, baritone guitar, ebow, harmonium, synths, loops and other Americana instrumentation. Drawing on influences from their younger years, SUSS has created music that evokes early psychedelic Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk and the seminal soundtrack work of John Barry. The result, which they call “pastoral psychedelicism,” is a music that is beautiful, haunting and challenging.

Nightlight” is a new excerpt. Watch the official video below.