Mr. Silla is the project of Berlin based singer-songwriter and musician Sigurlaug Gísladóttir, better known for his work with Mùm. Four years after Mr Silla, she has released a new solo album in 2019. Hands on Hands is out now via Making Records. It was co-produced with the help of Mike Lindsay (Tunng, LUMP, Cheek Mountain Thief) and mixed by Sam Slater (Johann Johannsson, Ben Frost).

Back in February, a few weeks before the beginning of the pandemic, she and her guitarist Jae Tyler have been the fifth guest of our 10th Birthday Live Series. During their Italian tour, they recorded two live sessions at Sudestudio, one of the most important recording studios of the South of Italy. Mr. Silla explains:

This has to be one of the oddest tours we have been on so far. The corona threat had been bubbling on the horizon for a while and by the time we arrived in Magnano the virus had fully made it’s way to Italy. We remember seeing in the news that Italy had become the new “epicenter” for the pandemic, and we felt like it was trailing us the whole way through Italy from the time we arrived in Milan to the time we left from Rome 10 days later. It was eerie and unreal for us to see the crowds dwindling as the tour went on due to the outbreak. Every audience member became precious to a different level. Playing the Sudestudio Live session was a very refreshing and positive experience for us. It was wonderful to get to work closely with such talented individuals in that beautiful space to make something special that sounds great too! Getting to meet Rocco, the 20 something year old dog, was a highlight for sure. Especially for Jae 🙂

We had so much fun eating delicious food and drinking Rosé in Guagnano, especially before flying to Spain where of course the virus arrived shortly thereafter. We feel super lucky to have been some of the last artists to go on tour before most of the world was put on pause in the quarantine. We are very excited to get back out to perform when we can press play again.”

Check the live sessions below.